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Marketing Minute - Set a Standing Date

This marketing minute is designed to take the "marketing to-do" list off this huge shelf in the back of your mind and put it at the forefront at one specific time each week. Depending on your business, it may be on Mondays before opening for the week or perhaps a better time is for a few minutes during lunch after your weekly staff meetings. Whenever it is, take 15 minutes at some point in your week to map out some long and short-term goals for marketing. Here's an example:

This week:

- Focus social media posts (3) on new-to-store merchandise.

- Enter new e-mail names and addresses from front counter notebook.

- Finalize parameters for next month's sale.

This month:

- Set up "Google Alerts" for all merchants and competitors.

- Review current customer list before sale mailer next month.

By doing this brief exercise, you will not only organize and prioritize your marketing mission(s), but you will also be able to delegate some of these tasks to others. By creating a few smaller items from the endless list, you'll find you're able to digest (and accomplish!) more throughout the week.

- KB @ TLM

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