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FREEBIE #2 - Brand Personality Exercise

Your brand personality is like your own. Generally speaking, your brand should remain tried and true in its core values (customer interaction, consistency of service and presentation) and will evolve in other ways (fresh product/service offerings, updated digital experience or packaging).

This week we've been talking about knowing your brand, identifying your target market and understanding the landscape among your peers, competitors and mentors (brands you admire and aspire to). Now that the seed has been planted, it's time to put pen to paper and outline some of these observations.

Attached is a ONESHEET I send to new and prospective clients that asks them to identify some of these facets of their business. It's designed to be quick, easy and serves as a way for me to get inside the mind of the business owner. Like your own life, the answers to this will evolve over time as you gain insight and experience, but it's a good way to help idenitfy the borders of your brand personality and maximize your efforts when setting goals and executing day-to-day operations.



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