Scheduling For Any Season

Whether your business cycle is entering its slower season (real estate), or you're bracing for the craziness of the holidays (retail), you can benefit from scheduling your marketing goals, initiatives and tactics.

  • Are you going to spend quieter weeks and months planning advertising for new clients?

  • Are you going to organize your product marketing week-to-week to make it easier to delegate when you won't have the time?

  • Are you going to brainstorm creative content to attract new customers and test new strategies?

Whatever the reason, it's always a good idea to map out your goals and align them with your marketing story. It focuses your message, gives your brand a cohesive look, and keeps your staff and business partners engaged.

Here are a few freebies from The Local Market to help you plan for the 4th quarter (and beyond!) As always, if we can help you achieve your small business goals, we're here to help!

- K


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