Are You As Smart as a 5th Grader?

I was in the halls of my child’s elementary school yesterday and walked by a muppet-inspired bulletin board. It was basically a reminder on the pillars of human decency and it made me realize each and every one of these things apply to EVERYONE at ANY AGE in ALL INDUSTRIES. Since it was a nice opportunity for me to have a moment of self-reflection, I thought I'd pass it along...

5th Grade Wisdom

To spare you the squinting or zooming (since most of us don’t have 5th grade eyes anymore), here's the gist:

  • BE A GOOD LISTENER - To your customers. To your employees. To your bank account. To your family [work/life balance].

  • ASK QUESTIONS - To yourself [‘What are my goals for the next 2 years?’, ‘What do I need to get there?’]. To your vendors [Do you have marketing images/dollars/special events I can leverage to promote your products/services?]

  • BE STRONG & CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF - Not everyone is going to like everything you do/sell/say. That’s OK.

  • RESPECT DIFFERENCES - There’s more than one way to do things the right way.

  • BE KIND - Even when it is hard. Your reputation is your biggest asset. Always be kind.

  • WORK WELL WITH OTHERS - Your team is there to support you. Support them in return. Reward & encourage them while providing an environment where you can also learn from your team.

  • COOK UP SOME NEW FRIENDSHIPS - In this age of social media, there’s been a remarkable synergistic shift to befriend your competitors. Applaud a milestone, bounce ideas off one another, learn new tricks of the trade from the peer group who’s going through the same seasonal shifts you are. You also open yourself up to a whole new audience when doing this.

  • BE A GOOD CITIZEN - Be fair. Be ethical.

  • HAVE A GROWTH MINDSET - Never stop learning new ways to reach your customers. Learn a new platform, venture outside your comfort zone! Challenge yourself to try something new once a quarter.

  • KEEP A SENSE OF HUMOR - Can we all agree there’s nothing worse than someone who takes themselves too seriously? Sometimes things don’t go your way. Sometimes you need to laugh - then cry - then laugh again.


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