Marketing Minute - Get Organized!

Is your computer desktop screen a cluttered mess of icons? If someone needed your logo in high resolution ASAP, how long would it take you to find it? This marketing minute begs the question - 'how organized are your files?' It'll only take you 10 seconds to answer, which leaves the remaining 50 seconds for you to find a time - probably an hour - to organize your files in a way that is consistent, clear and readily at your fingertips.

Organizing your own files - as well as those of your clients - in a consistent manner helps you (or anyone working with you on a shared space) to run efficiently and smoothly. Here's an example of the folders in our file for The Local Market:

Do it once. Live it every day after. We promise you this is a step you will NOT regret!


PS- Some extra credit....Do it for your email inbox, too!

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