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The Local Market is proud to share a list of book titles that celebrate diversity, encourage inclusion and spark dialogue about racism and inequality. These are organized by age group and were hand-selected by librarians and school administrators.

We have donated these books to local schools to help build and enhance the current selection of books that discuss race, inequality, cultures and social issues that affect us all - indirectly or directly.

The next t...

I was in the halls of my child’s elementary school yesterday and walked by a muppet-inspired bulletin board. It was basically a reminder on the pillars of human decency and it made me realize each and every one of these things apply to EVERYONE at ANY AGE in ALL INDUSTRIES. Since it was a nice opportunity for me to have a moment of self-reflection, I thought I'd pass it along...

To spare you the squinting or zooming (since most of us don’t have 5th grade eye...

Whether your business cycle is entering its slower season (real estate), or you're bracing for the craziness of the holidays (retail), you can benefit from scheduling your marketing goals, initiatives and tactics. 

  • Are you going to spend quieter weeks and months planning advertising for new clients?

  • Are you going to organize your product marketing week-to-week to make it easier to delegate when you won't have the time?

  • Are you going to brainsto...

This marketing minute is designed to take the "marketing to-do" list off this huge shelf in the back of your mind and put it at the forefront at one specific time each week. Depending on your business, it may be on Mondays before opening for the week or perhaps a better time is for a few minutes during lunch after your weekly staff meetings. Whenever it is, take 15 minutes at some point in your week to map out some long and short-term goals for marketing....

Your brand personality is like your own. Generally speaking, your brand should remain tried and true in its core values (customer interaction, consistency of service and presentation) and will evolve in other ways (fresh product/service offerings, updated digital experience or packaging).

This week we've been talking about knowing your brand, identifying your target market and understanding the landscape among your peers, competitors and mentors (brands you...

Every company - big or small - should have a consistent look and feel across brand communications. Consider your name, logo, fonts, colors and tagline (if you have one) the FACE of your brand. The identity of your business will resonate with customers if they see the same clear message on your storefront, business cards, social media, newsletters and even your packaging (if you have it). 

Similarly, it will make it easier for anyone working with your busines...

Is your computer desktop screen a cluttered mess of icons? If someone needed your logo in high resolution ASAP, how long would it take you to find it? This marketing minute begs the question - 'how organized are your files?' It'll only take you 10 seconds to answer, which leaves the remaining 50 seconds for you to find a time - probably an hour - to organize your files in a way that is consistent, clear and readily at your fingertips.

Organizing your own fi...

This section of our site is a place where we like to offer our subscribing friends some treats...Here's where we leave simple, time-saving tips to streamline marketing and make it all more manageable. We'll also notify members of promotions, freebies and other fun things here, so be sure to check back for updates or stay connected via social media! 

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