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Looking for a Clear Path Forward?

I provide streamlined solutions for common (and sometimes complicated!) small business roadblocks. Schedule a call to discuss why a digital marketing audit may be exactly what your brand needs to move strategically in the right direction.

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Navigate Frequent Roadblocks Like...

Free Local Listings & Google Merchant Center Features
Analytics Channels & Tracking
Converting Data to Actionable Next Steps
Ongoing Customer List Building
Meta/Instagram Business Suite & Google Advertising
Advertising Campaign Strategy & Setup
Email Outreach & Automated Flows Best Practices
Integrating Ad Platfoms (& features) with Shopify Data
Kristen Banning

Kristen Banning, Founder

After over 15 years in corporate marketing, public relations and digital growth strategy, I've developed effective ways for brands to acquire and retain customers. I pride myself on identifying opportunities and weaving the nuances (ahem, annoying details) of each element together to deliver tangible results.  I partner with small business owners who want to work smarter (and are willing to work hard) to grow their business. Leveraging my expertise in an accessible way for entrepreneurs is what I love to do.

A Little About Me

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